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Types of Accounts

What is required for a line of credit or COD account with Downes & Reader?

To apply for a credit with Downes & Reader, one must be a corporation, partnership, proprietorship, LLC, trust or other kind of business. The business must supply in the application a valid ID or driver’s license, banking information, and list at least 3 trade credit references, preferably within the hardwood supplier industry.

For COD accounts, customers need to supply a valid license or id and some basic business information. In order to pay by check for delivery, we will need a valid license or id, otherwise customers will need to pay by certified or bank check or with a credit card.


Where do I get a line of credit or COD application?

Credit applications can be picked up at our Stoughton and Blakeslee offices, or downloaded online via our Applications section of our website. The completed application can then be brought back to our Stoughton or Blakeslee office or faxed back to the number provided on the application for verification and approval.


What if I am Sales Tax Exempt?

Please include any sales tax exempt forms with your credit application. This will allow us to enter into our system that you are tax exempt. Without the proper tax-exempt forms, we will be required to charge sales tax. Downes & Reader now offers resale tax forms for various state in the Applications section of our website.


How long will it take before I am approved and my account is ready to use?

C.O.D. accounts may take between 24 to 48 hours to receive and process before they are active. A line of credit will take between 2-3 weeks. The timing will vary based on how long the references supplied in the application take to respond. When applying for a line of credit, your first purchase with us is under COD terms. After the first purchase with us, your line of credit will be active and ready for use.