Customers - Where to Go


Where to Go?

What is a wholesale purchase?

A wholesale purchase is when a customer purchases 250 BF or more from us. Orders are taken by one of our sales staff to be picked by our yard crews in Blakeslee, PA or Stoughton, MA to be delivered on one of our 10-wheel trucks. Every month we will have specials on lots of 500 BF or more for lumber or full units of plywood.

What is a retail purchase?

A retail purchase is a small purchase of 100 BF or fewer customers select out by the customers at our self-service racks in Stoughton, MA or Milford, CT. This is the place to go if customers are looking for specific pieces, such as 3 pieces 7″ wide with a straight grain. If the stock you are looking for is not in our self-service racks, we do request you give us 24 hours notice to get the unit of lumber from our back warehouses.

Looking to purchase by the truckload?

Our Import/Export division office in North Carolina handles truckload purchases. We can ship in truckloads and container loads throughout the United States and to many ports around the world. Truckload shipments are handled through a third party and will be tarped when requested. Our Import/Export division also handles sales of Iron Stick®, our brand of kiln drying stacking sticks.