Services - Milling



Some Basic Milling Terminology

  • D2S or S2S: Dress or surfaces two sides to a thickness of your choosing.

  • R1E: Rip 1 straight edge with our gang ripsaw.

  • R2E: Rip 2 straight edges with our gang ripsaw to a width of your choosing.

  • D2S + R2E: Dress two sides to a thickness of your choosing and rip 2 edges to a width of your choosing.


Milling Limitations

  • Minimum Thickness of Planer (D2S or S2S): 1/4”

  • Maximum Width of Planer: 18-1/2”

  • Maximum Thickness for Gang Rip Saw (R1E or R2E): 2-1/2” or 10/4” (Stoughton Only)

  • Maximum Width of Gang Rip Saw: 42”



D2S only, R1E only, D2S + R1E

  • Orders 125BF or less: $35.00 (applies to whole order)

  • Orders more than 125 BF: $0.15/BF (D2S only or R1E only), $0.30/BF(D2S + R1E)

D2S + R2E

  • Retail orders of 150BF or less: $55.00

  • Orders or more than 150BF: $0.40/BF. For larger orders, we may convert the price to linear foot (LF) based on the availability of widths for the size being milled.


Standard Thickness for Surfaced Lumber

The National Hardwood Lumber Association provides the following surfaced thicknesses.

  • 4/4” 13/16” surfaced

  • 5/4” – 1-1/16” surfaced

  • 6/4” – 1-5/16” surfaced

  • 8/4” – 1-3/4” surfaced

  • 10/4” – 2-1/4” surfaced

  • 12/4” – 2-3/4” surfaced

  • 16/4” – 3-3/4” surfaced


General Questions

Does Downes & Reader do precision end cuts?

We do not do precision end cuts of any kind. If you need lumber to be rough-cut to fit in your vehicle, we will be glad to help. Wholesale orders that need lumber to be cut will be charged a cutting fee.

How long will milling take?

For walk in retail customers, milling small orders D2S + R1E will generally be available next business day depending on how busy the mill is currently working on orders for wholesale delivery. For example it might take longer because the mill is currently planing a 1000 BF order that needs to be completed before working on your order. Another situation might be that the milling equipment is being serviced. Customers looking for D2S + R2E should expect to wait 1-2 days for us to complete.

Does Downes & Reader sand or use a jointer when getting milled?

We do not use a jointer or use a sander when milling. If you are working on fine furniture, we recommend having us plane to a thickness that will give you enough room to sand the planer marks and joint where needed.