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Red Birch
Red Birch

Red Birch


Janka Hardness

Specific Gravity


  • Northeastern region of North America


  • Sapwood is a white with a yellowish tint. Heartwood is a reddish brown in color. Grain is straight with a fine even texture and closed pores. Pieces are found with figuring that is similar to Cherry, sometimes called flamed birch or flamed cherry.

How well does it work?

  • Birch is easy to work with hand and machine tools for the most part. Boards that have a wild grain may tear out and become more difficult to work with. The lumber glues, turns, stains, and finishes well.

Seasoning and Durability

  • Susceptible to attack by the common furniture beetle. The lumber will rot and decay if exposed to the elements, thus making a poor choice for exterior use.

Notes on Grade

  • Birch is sold in various grades bases on color. Natural Birch is lumber unselected for color and will contain a mixture of heartwood and sapwood. White Birch is lumber selected for sapwood one face or better. Red Birch is lumber selected for heartwood one face or better.


  • Some Birch may cause skin inflammation or dermatitis.

Common Uses

  • Plywood, Cabinetry, Furniture, Joinery, Flooring, and Turnery.
  • * Stock is currently available in limited quanities. This generally means we have less than 500 BF, or the stock is either all narrow or an odd length.