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Red Gum
Red Gum

Red Gum


Janka Hardness

Specific Gravity


  • Southeastern United States


  • Sapwood is creamy white in color while the heartwood is a pinkish brown to a deep red brown, sometimes with darker streaks within the heartwood. Texture of the lumber is fine, even, and uniform. Grain is generally considered to be irregular.

How well does it work?

  • Red Gum is considered average in terms of planing, shaping, bending, etc. The lumber is considered to be above average for turning, drilling, and steam bending. Red Gum takes stain well and can be brought to a nice smooth finish.

Seasoning and Durability

  • The lumber is rated not durable and liable to insect attack. It is nonresistant to heartwood decay.

Common Uses

  • Furniture, trim, joinery, boxes, crates, and other utility like items.
  • * Stock is currently available in limited quanities. This generally means we have less than 500 BF, or the stock is either all narrow or an odd length.