Exotic Hardwood - European Beech


European Beech


  • FAS: 4/4, 5/4, 6/4, 8/4

Janka Hardness

  • 1450 lbf (pounds force)

Basic Specific Gravity (oven dry weight/ green volume)

  • .53


  • Central Europe and the United Kingdom.


  • Heartwood is a pale pinkish-brown cream color. It is common to steam the lumber which gives the wood a reddish-brown tone. European Beech has a fine to medium texture, with closed pores and a even, straight grained structure. Flat sawn material has a plain looking appearance.

How well does it work?

  • European Beech machines well and has an overall good workability. The lumber can be compared with Hard Maple in many ways. Pre-drilling is necessary for nailing. European Beech glues easily, stains well, and takes an excellent finish.

Seasoning and Durability

  • The wood is perishable and liable to attack by the common furniture beetle.

Other notes on European Beech

  • Steaming European Beech helps with the wood’s tendency to move, warp, or twist. The lumber is considered an all-purpose wood for many European woodworkers due to its price and availability. When European Beech is quarter sawn it will show a silvery fleck pattern.

Common Uses

  • Cabinetry, furniture, panelling, instruments, ┬áturnery, butcher blocks, and work benches.
  • * Stock is currently available in limited quanities. This generally means we have less than 500 BF, or the stock is either all narrow or an odd length.