Exotic Hardwood - Zebrawood




  • Select & Better: 4/4, 8/4

Janka Hardness

  • 1575 lbf (pounds force)

Basic Specific Gravity (oven dry weight/ green volume)

  • .70


  • West Africa, mainly Gabon and Cameroon.


  • Heartwood creamy colored, can vary with darker streaks resembling zebra stripes when quarter sawn. Texture is coarse with open pores. Grain is normally interlocked.

How well does it work?

  • The lumber can be difficult to plane or surface due to the interlocked grain. Extra care is needed to prevent tear-out. Zebrawood has good gluing, sawing , and finishing properties. The wood may also have an unpleasant odor when being worked on.

Seasoning and Durability

  • Heartwood is durable and resistant to termite attack.

Other notes on Zebrawood

  • Zebrawood can also go by the name Zebrano. Lumber available is normally quartersawn.


  • Zebrawood has been reported as a sensitizer, with the most common reactions being eye and skin irritation. Severe reactions are considered uncommon.

Common Uses

  • Furniture, cabinetry, turnery, decorative veneers, and tool handles.
  • * Stock is currently available in limited quanities. This generally means we have less than 500 BF, or the stock is either all narrow or an odd length.