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Rift & Quarter Sawn Red Oak
Rift & Quarter Sawn Red Oak

Rift & Quarter Sawn Red Oak


Janka Hardness

Specific Gravity


  • Northeast United States.


  • Heartwood is a medium reddish brown color with a decent amount of color variation. The grain in relatively straight but has a coarse texture. The pores of the lumber are open enough a person can blow air from one end of the board to the other, assuming the grain is straight enough.

How well does it work?

  • Red Oak works relatively well, but results may vary based on the density of the wood. Machines and glues well, but may require pre-drilling for nailing as the lumber may split. The lumber can be stained and polished to a good finish.

Seasoning and Durability

  • The lumber is slightly resistant to non-resistant to decay and liable to insect attack. Red Oak is considered unsuitable for exterior use.

Red Oak or White Oak?

  • Red Oak will have more open pores with smaller rays in comparison to White Oak. Heartwood of Red Oak is non-resistant to decay while the heartwood of White Oak is considered to be good for rot-resistance.


  • Red Oak may cause eye and skin irritation, though severe reactions are uncommon.

Common Uses

  • Flooring, cabinetry, furniture, panelling, and plywood.
  • * Stock is currently available in limited quanities. This generally means we have less than 500 BF, or the stock is either all narrow or an odd length.