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Iron Stick®. Downes & Reader Hardwood

The stacking stick made from durable hardwood species worthy of the name "iron".

Dry your lumber flat or fluted.

Tired of poorly made stacking sticks staining, twisting, and rotting away? Are LVL stacking sticks not meeting your quality needs? Experience the difference with Iron Stick® from Downes & Reader Hardwood, the most durable and cost effective kiln drying stick on the market today.

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Lumber protected like a deck.

Iron Stick® is made from the same species used for building decks, such as Ipe, Massaranduba, and Cumaru. This makes our stacking sticks last much longer than domestic species such as Ash and Oak. Need more proof on how durable and valuable our Iron Stick® is? Click or tap on the links below.

Why buy stacking sticks from us?

Downes & Reader has been importing Iron Stick® for over 10 years. Millions of sticks have shipped to satisfied customers. The reason for our success is focusing on manufacturing stacking sticks from high density species. This guarantees that our product has unmatched durability and value.

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See what the industry says about Iron Stick®.

"We have found that the 'profiled' Iron Stick® from Downes & Reader is the best kiln stick in the market as far as durability and prevention of 'sticker' shadow in Ash lumber."

  • Dick Buchanan, President
  • Buchanan Lumber Mobile

Where can I buy Iron Stick®?

Ready to change to the stacking stick worthy of the name "iron"? Customers interested can call us toll free at 1-866-452-8622 or go to our quote request form by clicking or tapping the link below.